Goya and Goya Champur

The bitter gourd is roughly shaped like the surface of cucumber in Korea. The visual itself is not very beautiful, but it is said that the rumor contains a lot of vitamin C. It is also good for diabetes. It is difficult to verify as a travel writer and not a doctor of food engineering. Yeoju and Goya are not very common ingredients in Korea, so you can only find them on purpose, but in Okinawa, they are quite common. You can easily find dried goya and goya-flavored sauces if you go to a traditional Okinawa food store or close to a mart. It is especially famous for fried foods that are scrambled eggs called ” Goya Champuru ” and chopped Goya. However, unlike the extremely visually pleasing visuals, the chopsticks are laid out with the bitter taste of Goya. Of course, people’s tastes are all different, the first time Goya Champuru eats a bowl that says it’s good for your taste. Some people will eat it forcibly. Some travelers prepare a goya champur meal at an Okinawan traditional restaurant, and remember that there are some sad stories of eating only the miso soup with goya champpur and small boiled rice. Champur is understood to mean ‘to stir, stir-fry’.

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