Okinawa Beach

Okinawa is a tropical region with three warm seasons. What we hope for in the tropics is, above all, marine sports, and the beginning will be beaches. The island’s identity in Okinawa, which is getting hotter as summer approaches, will not appear at the end of the beach, or something like that. In other words, it is not difficult to meet the beach in Okinawa. There are many beaches already known to locals and tourists, and there are a lot of wonderful beaches that only locals know or are not known to. There are beaches open to the general public and tourists, resort-only beaches for guests only, and some paid beaches.

Any type of beach is usually open from April to October, with peak seasons in June and August. The rest of the beach is relatively quiet. Okinawa’s beaches are evenly distributed throughout Naha City, South, Central and North, so you can enjoy sea bathing no matter where you go. Some beaches have free showers, which are very bathing-friendly.

Most tourists as well as locals living in Okinawa do not visit all the beaches of Okinawa. Here are five beaches you won’t regret.

(1) Sesoko Beach
Despite the ugly buildings and expensive parking costs, the island’s best white, soft sand and snorkeling clear coast is a must.

Address: 〒905-0227 沖 縄 県 国 頭 郡 本部 町 瀬 底 5575
Phone: 0980-47-7000
Business Hours: 09:00 ~ 17:00
Fee: Parking 1,000 yen per day / Shower 500 yen per day
Facilities: Rental shop, jellyfish prevention net, children’s swimming

(2) emerald beach
Close to Orion Motobu Resort. A place to compete with the neatness unique to artificial beaches. If you are with children, do not hesitate here!

Address: 〒905-0206 沖 縄 県 国 頭 郡 本部 町 石川 424
Phone: 0980-48-2741
Business Hours: 08:30 ~ 21:00
Fee: Free swimming and shower
Facilities: Shop, Jellyfish Prevention Net, Rental Shop, Safety Staff, Children Swimming

(3) Mibaru Beach
Another local attraction next to Ikei Beach, the beach is a bit messy but the water is great! There are many coral communities that will enhance your snorkeling fun.

Address: 〒901-0603 沖 縄 県 南 城市 玉 城 百名
Phone: 098-948-1103
Business Hours: 08:30 ~ 18:30
Fee: Shower and dressing room for adults 300 yen, children 200 yen
Facilities: glass boat, marine sports shop, rental shop

(4) Arhaha Beach
Close to American Village. It is a popular beach with locals and a relief beach where you can meet a lot of foreigners. Emerald Beach is also recommended.

Address: 〒904-0116 沖 縄 県 中 頭 郡 北 谷 町 北 谷 2−21
Phone: 098-926-2680
Business Hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00
Facilities: Marine sports, cruise ships, barbecues, etc.

(5) Azama Sun Beach
At the same time, it is a newly constructed place with good facilities and cleanliness. I like the admission fee, but parking fee is required!

Address: 〒901-1502 沖 縄 県 南 城市 知 念 安 座 真 111113
Phone: 098-948-3521
Business Hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00
Fee: Parking fee 500 yen
Facilities: Barbecue, Rental shop, Water sports

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