In the middle of the inland where the sea is not in contact with salt, salt may be used, but salt is common everywhere in Okinawa where the sea is at sea. It would not have been difficult to find white and small sodium crystals that could be easily seen on the shores because of sea water and hot weather everywhere. It is very natural that this salt is one of Okinawa’s specialties. Salt would have been used to store food with hot weather, and the rich salt also contributed to the development of stored foods such as salted pork and salted mozuku. Since the seventeenth century, salt-making has been used to produce salt, and the technique for making salt has developed. However, as salt production was liberalized in 1997, salt is produced in various ways throughout Okinawa, and traditional salt making methods are being restored.

” Salt is Diamond of Okinawa “

There are famous salt brands in Okinawa, such as Yukishio on Miyako Island, and there are nuchiu, salt factories, and salt making experience places where you can see salt being made on the main island. In the middle of Naha International Street, there is a large store of Yukishio, which sells Yukishio and the world famous salt, especially soft ice cream with Yukishio salt.

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