For us, it is buckwheat soba that comes to mind when it comes to soba. Soba is a style of eating cold buckwheat noodles with soy sauce, but it’s different from Okinawa. Okinawa soba is a type of noodle soup made from flour and served with pork broth. In the early 1900’s, the Chinese first opened a noodle shop in Okinawa and opened the restaurant. In some ways, the occurrence itself is similar to that of Japanese ramen. The way of prosperity until the war in the Pacific, Okinawa soba disappeared in the Pacific War and reappeared before and after the war because of the smooth distribution of flour by the US military.

Okinawan soba noodles have a unique texture and may not be suitable for Koreans who love chewy noodles. The texture of this noodle is due to the way in which the noodles are soaked in oil and cooled. It’s hard to explain the texture of the noodles, so it’s hard to explain in detail. Recently, in addition to making this type of soba noodles, a variety of soba noodles have appeared, such as the method of directly boiling boiled noodles.

Northern Sobagado
On the Motobu Peninsula in northern Okinawa, there are many soba shops around Route 84. This place is called soba-gado, and it is a place where a sense of duty arises as if it is a place to make a pilgrimage to soba. On the way to the Churaumi Aquarium, you can find Kishimoto Restaurant on Route 84. Starting from this Kishimoto restaurant, you can see soba restaurants along Route 84, such as Yanbaru soba, Sobaya Yoshiko Nakayama soba, and Mukashimukashi.

(Route 84 is the route between Pineapple Park and Fruitland. Route 84 continues as soon as you pass the Fruitland to Churaumi. This is evidence that you can find soba houses nearby. )

(Route 84)
Kishimoto Restaurant
Kishimoto Restaurant Ayada-Shop
Sobaya Yoshiko
Nakayama soba

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